Linstead Market Municipal Police Demolishes Market Vendor Stall


A market vendor was able to carry her produce ‘go a Linstead Market’ however ‘Not a quattie worth sell’ because municipal police officers ripped the cart apart using a sledgehammer.


This incident took place in the A.M. when the municipal police had an alleged altercation with a vendor. The incident was recorded by an onlooker in which the video shows an officer mashing the market cart piece by piece and step on produce (carrots, onions Irish, etc.) which were on the cart. Other members of the municipal police team looked on.


Following the circulation of this video, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) via its social media pages says it wishes to clarify that the municipal police are not members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


JCF noted that both the administrative and operational responsibility of these municipal police resides with the municipality.


Jamaica Today tried reaching out to the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation but to no avail.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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