Local Businesses Invited To Invest And Trade With Cuba


Jamaican businesses are being encouraged to invest in Cuba and provide goods and services for that market of more than ten million people.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Cuba, Rogelio Sierra Diaz, was in Jamaica last week as part of a tour across the Caribbean inviting trade and investment with Cuba. Speaking at a press conference in Kingston on Friday, June 15, Mr. Diaz said that his Government was seeking to widen cooperation with countries in the region under its foreign investment law.

“We are now promoting trade cooperation between the Caribbean Community and Cuba. This is strengthened by the approval of a new foreign investment law in Cuba that was approved a few years ago,” he said.

The Deputy Minister was on a three-day visit to Jamaica as part of a tour of several Caribbean nations, including Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, aimed at strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation within the region.

Minister Diaz, who arrived in the island on Thursday (June 14), met with senior Government officials to discuss and identify areas to increase relations between the countries, JIS said.

He said that the trade and foreign investment promotion policies in Cuba will encourage the participation of Caribbean nations.

“The Cuban authorities are highly interested in receiving investments from the Caribbean companies. The Caribbean business persons will have the same facilities that any other business person may receive and will be warmly welcomed,” he said.

The Deputy Minister said that Jamaica has a lot to offer to Cuba. “Jamaica has significantly large businesses, which can become investors at some point in Cuba and from that could derive business benefits but could also provide services and products for the Cuban market,” he noted.


The Deputy Minister said that the existing bilateral relationship between Jamaica and Cuba “provides the appropriate framework” to further develop the bond between the two countries.

“We believe that it is not necessary to establish new agreements but to strengthen and update the ones we already have,” he said.

He indicated that priority will be given to cooperation in the areas of disaster management and climate change and teaching of the Spanish language.


By Franklin McKnight

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