Lottery Scamming, Gang Feuds Responsible For 7 Deaths In Westmoreland Police Say

Police say the illicit lottery scamming and inter-gang feud are responsible for the shooting and firebombing last evening in Westmoreland that left seven people dead and eight wounded.

Among the dead are two children – two years old and eight years old — and two women, one of them the mother of one of the children.

Police have not released the names of those killed. Five of those wounded are in hospital.

Reports say that at least four attacks beginning between 8: 15 and ending about twelve hours later, caused terror in four districts of Grange Hill, Westmoreland. The districts include: Top Lincoln, Fullers Field and Sterling.

The first attack was in Sterling and that was followed by reprisal attacks in Top Lincoln and Fullers Field. In Fullers Field, three houses a shop and a car were firebombed.

Superintendent Gary McKenzie, recently assigned head of police in Westmoreland, has strongly condemned the brutal attacks and slayings.

“No effort will be spared in bringing the killer/s to justice. Our future leaders are being brutally slain. I am appealing to the citizens to desist from providing a safe haven for these criminals and for the citizens of Jamaica to unite and help in the fight against crime,” he said.

He is also assuring residents that in order to mitigate the threat to public safety there will be special focus in areas of Sterling district, Top Lincoln, Kings Valley, Little London and Frome in the parish.

The Police are appealing to anyone who may have information about the incidents that can assist with the investigation can contact the Morgans Bridge Police at 955-1375, Crime Stop at 311, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest Police Station.


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