Lyrical Battle Between Shenseea And Jada Kingdom, Silenced



The battle officially began on Saturday, November 2, at the Red Bull Culture Clash when Shenseea represented Romeich Entertainment and the Jada Kingdom, Team Strike Force.

The first knock came from the Jiggle Jiggle boss as she told Jada to rethink her career choice and do acting.

That seemingly did not trouble the Banana songstress as no reply was granted. It was alleged that she and her team couldn’t hear the diss.

Nonetheless, on Monday, November 4 Jada responded with a song classifying Shenseea as “a big coward groupie” and that “the only thing rough bout yuh is yuh gunman’s voice.”

Since then, Shenseea has been unbounded as all she has been doing is promoting her single “foreplay”

Many fans are of the view that it is all a manufactured beef.

Shannon-Dale Reid

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