Magazines, Yearbooks Of 12 School To Preserve Historical Record Now At National Library


The Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) is in receipt of year books and magazines, from a dozen schools that will help provide historical facts about those schools and their past students.

The magazines and yearbooks were deposited on Wednesday, October 31 at the IOJ and an event hosted by the National Library of Jamaica, (NLJ) which is under the portfolio of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, led by Olivia Grange who was in attendance.

Playing key role in the event was Pageturner Publishing House.

The books deposited were from 12 schools, including Immaculate Conception High, 160th anniversary magazine; Bridgeport High, 40th anniversary magazine; Sts. Peter and Paul Prep, 55th anniversary magazine; St. Peter Claver, 50th anniversary magazine; St. Catherine High, 70th anniversary magazine and Maxfield Park Primary, 55th anniversary magazine. Others were yearbooks from Wolmer’s Girls, Marlie Mount Primary School, Independence City Primary, Guy’s Hill High School and Gaynstead High.

October is legal deposit month at the National Library which is encouraging the deposits of school books, in particular schools’ anniversary books for its archives. 

“There are certain periods in our lives which are more critical and more important than others, and the period through school is one such period, and unfortunately most of us have little to no record or pictorial evidence to remember this period in our lives.” stated Karl Larmond, CEO of Pageturner Publishing House, the publisher for a vast majority of the preservation effort.

On hand for the deposit were: Ingrid Larmond, Director of Operations Pageturner Publishing House; Dean of academics Immaculate Conception High School and Head of the magazine committee, Faith McCook,; Mrs. Smith-Barrett and Mr. Douglas – teachers from Bridgeport High School and. Jodi-Ann Evans – teacher of Independence City Primary School as well as students of Bridgeport High School.


Franklin McKnight

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