Male Cross-Dresser Creates Excitement In Court


Marlon Robinson, a male cross dresser created a stir inside the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Wednesday when he appeared before a judge on ganja charges.

Robinson was simply the main attraction as persons gathered around the courtroom eager to get a glimpse of the 24-year-old make-up artist, who resides in Portmore, St Catherine.

Even Parish Judge Jacqueline Wilcott appeared to have been taken back by Robinson’s attire. On several occasions she mistakenly referred to the accused as “Ms Robinson” instead of “Mr Robinson”.

Robinson pleaded guilty to the charges of being in possession of ganja and dealing with ganja, after several discussions with his attorney Sasha-Kay Shaw.

Robinson had his bail extended and will return to court on July12, 2018 for sentencing.

The police say that in April 2016, Robinson, dressed as a female, was caught at the Norman Manley International Airport attempting to export ganja, weighing six pounds and two ounces.

The contraband was found in a false compartment. He was arrested.

After the hearing, Robinson told Jamaica Today that he doesn’t mind the attention surrounding him and that he was confident of a fair sentence.

“It’s all about me. I always have a prayer in my heart,” he said.

Several persons, including the courthouse staff and those waiting for their cases to be mentioned, queued up to take photos of Robinson in high-heel shoes and a close-fitted black skirt and shirt.

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