Man Destroys Policeman’s Camera, Begs Forgiveness

A man accused of destroying a policeman’s camera in a fit of anger sought the court’s forgiveness on Monday but could be facing a hefty fine.

“This is what happens when you are stupid,” said Parish Judge Maxine Ellis to the accused man, Brian Linton.

Linton, who is from Kingston, was charged with malicious destruction of property after he reportedly destroyed a camera belonging to the Constabulary Communication Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The incident was said to have occurred during the recently concluded Jamaica Carnival event in Kingston.  It is alleged that Linton forced himself onto one of the carnival trucks without proper authorization.

He was confronted by a security guard and the two argued. The police were summoned and when they arrived Linton slapped the camera from an officer’s hand. Clerk of Court Hanson Lawson told the judge that the camera was valued at $753,000.00.

Linton had his bail extended but is to return to court on May 21 where he will be sentenced.

Roxroy McLean

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