Man Said To Be Rapist Shot By ‘Victim’ At Mo-Bay Hotel, Now In Custody

The worst nightmare of two American women on holiday was realised on Thursday, September 27, when a man climbed onto the balcony of their room at the RIU Hotel in Montego Bay, St James.

Police on Friday named the man they were seeking in connection with the breaking in and rape of the two women as 25-year-old Demar Scott of Ocho Rios, St Ann

On Saturday, Scott was in the custody of the police, under police guard in hospital.

Scott, reportedly being trained as an entertainment coordinator at the hotel, alleged forcibly gained entry to the balcony door sometime around 10:45pm. Reports are that, armed with a handgun, he proceeded to assault the two women.

It was a horrifying and humiliating ordeal for the two US nationals on vacation, who, held at gunpoint, said they were made to perform fellatio and unwillingly engage in sexual intercourse with Scott, also known as ‘Ninja’.

According to reports in his attempts to rape his second victim, Scott found himself overpowered, disarmed and on the receiving-end of two shots – hitting him in the upper body.

The explosions raised an alarm at the hotel, reportedly sending Scott into a scampering hurry out through the balcony, where he later escaped.

Reports are the 9mm Glock 17 pistol, stolen from another guest staying at the hotel was recovered, and a manhunt launched for the would-be double rapist.

One source told Jamaica Today that the crimes were committed just three days into his securing the post.

Police had put out a Person of Interest report for Scott, Friday morning and said they found him in the afternoon in May Pen.

Images began circulating across social media platforms Twitter and Facebook on Friday, showing Scott in a cast; bandaged at the same upper arm area where he was shot.

Investigations into the incident continue.

Gavin Riley

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