Man Wanted For Setting Ex-Lover Ablaze Shot Dead By Police

Dwight Ian Stephenson, who was being sought for killing his ex-girlfriend and failing to appear in court on sex-assault charges, was fatally shot by the police after he reportedly attacked them with a machete on Monday night.

The incident occurred on the heels of the Police High Command expressing concern about the frequency with which members of the public have been interfering with lawful police operations, including when arrests are being made in a public space.

In this latest incident, the police, acting on information, went to Banton Town in Southfield, St Elizabeth, to arrest Stephenson for dousing his ex-lover, 32-year-old Shanna Esson, with a corrosive substance and then setting her ablaze.

The police report that shortly after 9 p.m., they saw Stephenson with a machete and cautioned him. However, the accused man attacked them and was fatally shot. He was later pronounced dead at the Black River Hospital.

On the night of Monday, February 26, Stephenson reportedly went to Esson’s bar in Southfield where an argument developed between them.

He poured a container of fluid on Esson and set her ablaze. She was hospitalized but later succumbed to her injuries on Friday, March 16.

Stephenson, who had recently been granted bail on charges of rape, fled.

Meanwhile, the Police High Command in a statement earlier this week continued to remind members of the public that they have a responsibility to comply with the instructions of the police when they are being arrested.

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