Market Chaos Again


The disorder is once again the regular situation outside the Brown’s Town Market and across from the St Mark’s Anglican Church in Brown’s Town, St Ann. Vendors, some operating from the backs of pickups or cars, others with mobile stalls and yet others just throwing produce on the ground have again taken up the entire front section of the market. Their activity (as seen in these pictures) has led to the unsatisfactory results including blocking off of the parking spaces to shoppers; forcing pedestrians to walk in the roadway, and slowing traffic passing on Main Street. Up to last week, the Municipal Police backed by officers from Brown’s Town Police station made efforts to keep the vendors off the street in front of the market and off the sidewalk next to St Marks’s Church but observations by Jamaica Today and complaints from nearby shop operators suggest that the police have now given up. Market workers employed at the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) were seen collecting market fees from vendors illegally operating on the roadway. On Saturday, August 10 it was a free for all and more congestion than usual.


Franklin McKnight

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