McKenzie Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ Over Imminent Hurricane Season

Deep Concern about the upcoming hurricane season is being expressed by Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie.

“I am deeply concerned as minister responsible for disaster preparedness” with the upcoming hurricane season that starts June 1, Mr McKenzie said.

He said the recent rains had shown that many areas are not immune to flooding. He said the rains had also continued to show that building in the way the society has been has now “come to haunt us in the most devastating way.”
Mr McKenzie was addressing the monthly meeting of the St Ann Municipal Council (SAMC) in St Ann’s Bay on Thursday, May 10.

He called on the Corporation to consider the allocation of funds for drain cleaning with the greater amount of funding to those councillors who have more drains in their divisions. He said the previous system of allocation of the same amount to each councillor, regardless of the needs and nature of drains in each area would not work.

Mr McKenzie said a review of shelters had been undertaken and the number would be cut as it had been found that some had not been activated and some were too close to each other. He told the SAMC that in a few weeks’ time, “a more comprehensive programme to meet this hurricane season” will be announced.

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