Men Charged For Breaches Of The Larceny Act In Kingston And Clarendon

Four men were charged for breaches of the Larceny Act in separate incidents at Brentford Mall in Kingston and Paisley Avenue in Clarendon.

In the first incident 39-year-old Jadean Ellis, taxi operator of Pen Street, 18-year-old Koby Smith of Mark Lane and 23-year-old Kemo Jahdean of Regent Street all in Kingston were charged with Shop Breaking with Intent.

Reports are that on May 9 about 7:05 p.m., a team of officers on patrol saw the men at a shop at the Brenford Mall in Kingston acting in a manner which aroused their suspicion. The behavior of the men prompted the law men to investigate the matter when it was discovered that the padlocks on the shop were cut and a steel cutter found in a motor car driven by 39 -year-old Ellis.

The men were subsequently arrested. Ellis and Smith were charged on Saturday, May 16 and Jahdean charged on Tuesday, May 26.

Their court dates are being finalised.

In the second incident 61-year-old Morris Swaby otherwise called ‘Rasta’, of Chatteau in Clarendon was charged with Shop Breaking and Larceny.

According to the police at about 3:00 a.m., a business woman was alerted by a security company that her store was broken into and summoned the Police. On arrival of the lawmen, security footage from the store was viewed and Swaby was identified removing items from the store.

He was later arrested and charged. His court date is also being finalised.


Juliane Robinson

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