Men Now Charged With Half-Way-Tree Shooting


The Police are now reporting that they have charged two men with shooting with intent, in relation to a shooting incident involving another man (the complainant) along the popular Half-Way-Tree Road in St Andrew.

The men charged are 21-year-old Timmy Small, and 19-year-old laborer Coliepa Jones, both of Old Hope Road in the parish.

According to the St. Andrew Central Police, at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, April 07, the complainant was walking along the roadway (H-W-T) when he was attacked by Small and Jones who opened fire at him, and he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

The complainant pointed out both men to the police, they were taken in and questioned.

Small and Jones were later charged and are awaiting their court date.



Shannon Dale Reid

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