Mentally-ill Man Attacks Police, Shot

A man believed to be mentally ill has been hospitalized after he was shot by the police after he reportedly attacked them with a metal pipe in Linstead, St Catherine on Tuesday, May 1.

Reports to Jamaica Today are that the police responded to an incident in which a man was reportedly attempting to damage property in the township area of Linstead.

They accosted the man who responded by attacking the police with a metal pipe. The police shot him. He was taken to hospital where he has been admitted in stable condition.

Despite the police urging members of the public to desist from resisting the arrest of police officers, the cases of such acts by individuals continue to occur across the island.

Last week, a man, who was being arrested for an illegal firearm in Port Antonio, Portland, was shot by the police after trying to disarm one of the lawmen. Another incident involved the police killing a wanted man in St Elizabeth after he tried to attack them with a machete.

The police have been reminding citizens that they have a responsibility to comply with the instructions of the police when they are being arrested.

“Failing [that], the arresting officer may use whatever proportionate force necessary to safely effect the arrest,” the police said in a statement issued last week.


Ansray Thomas

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