Mikael Phillips Apologises For ‘Run Weh’ Statement Against JLP


Mikael Phillips has apologized for comments he made at a PNP conference on Saturday in the North West Manchester Constituency he represents in Parliament.

On the platform, Phillips a PNP Vice President was heard saying “Nuh Labourite can come yah an gwan like Northwest Manchester a dem yard, because when me tek road all bwoy haffi run weh and all gal pickney haffi tek weh dem self.”

The comments were seen by many on social media and in comments on traditional media to be offensive and even purporting violence. Vice President of Generation 2000 Daniella Allen wrote to the Political Ombudsman stating that the comments were “dangerous” and may be construed as an incitement to violence.

The Private Sector Organization said the comments were repugnant and harked back to dinosaur politics.

Mr. Phillips in his apology issued Wednesday morning, August 14, said his comments were about the “enthusiastic support” for the PNP and his assertion that North West Manchester will never go into the hands of the JLP.

His full statement said:

“During a presentation to constituents at the public session of the Manchester North West constituency conference, on Saturday, August 10, 2019, in describing the enthusiastic support for the PNP, I made remarks that North West Manchester will never go into the hands of the Jamaica Labour Party, as the PNP, under my watch will continue to work hard towards the further development of the constituency to ensure that the seat is retained. If this was interpreted as derogatory to my political opponents and generally offensive to others, I am expressing regret.

I would like to apologize for any offence that my presentation may have caused.”


Franklin McKnight

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