Mind Body and Soul Ministries Praised For Eye-Surgery Initiative

The Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH) in partnership with Florida-based Mind, Body and Soul Ministries will today (Monday, April 23) complete the final phase of their three-day initiative to perform 360 cataract surgeries in an effort to reduce the waiting list at the MRH Ophthalmology Department.

The Cataract Camp is being held for the fourth time and runs from the period, April 20 – 23.

At the camp last year the mission performed a total of 250 surgeries.

Jamaicans who benefited from the procedures have heaped praise on the authorities for the initiative.

Last year during the period April 8 and 10 cataract surgeries were performed on more than 200 Jamaicans by the team from Mind Body and Soul Ophthalmology Mission.

Officials from the team say they have performed more than 700 surgeries in the island over a three-year period.

Kimoya Moss

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