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    Let’s Talk About HIV Testing

    Posted by Sandryne Perry on Jun 25

     National HIV Testing Day will be observed on June 27, 2019, but, how many persons know, understand and practice steps outlined to ...
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    Shining The Light On Sickle Cell

    Posted by Shavaughn Duncan on Jun 18

    Sickle Cell Anemia is an inherited form of anaemia. The condition is as a result of not having enough healthy red blood ...
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    Lupus Awareness Survey Shows Many Don’t Know About The Disease

    Posted by Shavaughn Duncan on Jun 11

      A youth organization that encourages the development of volunteerism through community service and charitable acts says many Jamaicans know little about Lupus ...
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    The Importance Of Prostate Cancer Screening

    Posted by Sandryne Perry on Jun 11

     The month of June is Men's Health Month with prostate cancer being the second-leading cause of cancer death in males, it takes ...
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    Health Benefits Associated With Regular Cycling

    Posted by Shavaughn Duncan on Jun 4

      Stay physically active and healthy. Find fun activities that may be incorporated with regular exercise to achieve your desired fitness goals. One ...

Let’s Talk About HIV Testing

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