Minister Tufton Distributes Masks In Kingston


With the expiration of the ‘National Work Order’ Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton was in the Half-Way-Tree with a team, from the South Regional Authority, distributing masks and speaking with the public, one on one. This is because many Jamaicans today, Monday, June 1 are now transitioning back to the workplace.

The mask being provided is in keeping with the ‘all must wear a mask’ order, which has been extended to June 30. The order notes that a mask must be used by each person, at all times, especially when in public spaces.

At the same time, the minister and his team provided detailed information to those in Half-Way-Tree as to how they are to use a mask properly, and reminded them of why it is important to wear a mask in this time of #covid_19

He also engaged a few vendors who were not wearing masks and provided them with one, while reasoning with them.

Tufton even engaged a few JUTC passengers, who all had masks but were not wearing them properly. One such case was a man in his 50s who wanted to have an enlightening conversation with the minister but had his mask hanging on his chin. The minister promptly encouraged him to “put on yuh mask, man” and so he did.

The team also encouraged all to continue to wash their hands and obey the 6ft orders as the country seeks to reduce the spread of the virus.


Shannon Dale Reid

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