MOCA Seizes Cars, Cash, Arrest 3 In Fraud Investigations Over Car Imports

The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) says it is carrying out investigations into the operations of Prisoners for Christ Telemarketing Services (PFC Telemarketing Services).

The agency says “hundreds of persons have already been defrauded by this entity.” MOCA says that as part of its “earnest” investigations it has seized several cars, over one million dollars in cash and arrested three people.

According to a statement by MOCA today (March 27), PFC Telemarketing, an entity with offices in the Corporate Area, “purports to be able to import motor vehicles upon request of a down payment of eighty-five to one hundred thousand dollars ($85,000.00 -$100,000.00) until the arrival of the vehicle.”

So far, MOCA, the elite anti-crime agency, has carried out operations resulting in the seizure of several motor vehicles, over one million Jamaican Dollars (J$1-M) and US $1,813 (or about J$232,000 equivalent). Three people are in custody in connection with the operations.

MOCA says “disgruntled clients of the entity have seized computers and other equipment from one or more of the locations. These devices contain material believed to be of evidentiary value to the ongoing investigation, therefore, persons in possession of these items are being asked to hand them over to our (MOCA) office.”

MOCA wishes to remind members of the public who may have any information that could assist in this or any other investigation to call MOCA at 754-3435 or 906-5099 or 851-0113 or 1-800-CORRUPT or by email at [email protected] More information is on the website or visit our Facebook page at and follow MOCA on Twitter @MOCAJamaica.


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