MOH In St. Ann Pushes Flu Vaccine



The new head of the St. Ann Health Department is urging people in St. Ann to get the flu vaccine in addition to taking the other steps to prevent coming down with influenza.

Dr. Tamika Henry, acting Medical Officer of Health for St. Ann addressed councilors in the St. Ann Municipal Corporation SAMC Thursday, at their general meeting. It was the first meeting she was attending and Dr. Henry gave an audio visual presentation, pushing vaccine and the need for healthy practices. She encouraged councilors to suggest to their constituents getting the influenza vaccine and taking measures not to come down with the flu.

She reminded the councilors of many steps that people could take should they become ill with the flu. These including that sick people should stay home and keep the persons around as safe as possible. She gave many health tips including the regular washing of hands and even precautions in sneezing.


Dr. Henry said she was encouraging persons to go out and get the vaccines available at the health centres and pharmacies and from private practitioners.

She said there was generally a seasonal increase in influenza between September and March.

She said this increase had been seen in St. Ann this year. “However, the levels that we are noticing are not at endemic or epidemic [status] we are not really alarmed at this point,” Dr. Henry said.

Councilors quizzed her on many areas of her presentation as well as on health matters outside of her report.


Franklin McKnight

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