Moncrieffe Batters Wilson To Win Contender Bout

Jamaica’s Devon Moncrieffe easily dismissed the challenge of Canada’s Tyler Wilson in their Wray and Nephew Contender Series middleweight bout at the Chinese Benevolent Association Wednesday evening.

It took until 39 seconds in the fourth round for the fight to end, but Moncrieffe was always in control, as he dominated Wilson with telling body shots, that weakened him considerably before six straight-right punches to the head in the third round almost ended the fight.

Wilson was tough and fight to the end of the round, but Moncrieffe immediately launched another round of attack at the beginning of the fourth round, which had Wilson going to the canvas on one knee and although getting up at the end of the standing eight count, he had nothing in the tank to continue.

The win enabled Jamaica to take a 3-1 over Canada in the Series, as Richard ‘Frog’ Holmes and Nico Yeyo had earlier defeated their opponents, with Ramel ‘Sub Zero’ Lewis losing to Waseem ‘The Surgeon’ El Sinawi.

Moncrieffe said, “mi feel good about it because I trained so hard. A di first mi ever find miself a train suh hard and mi nuh suh young again, suh mi affi a duh a whole heap a work.”

The winner of the Wray and Nephew Contender Series will pocket $2m with second getting $500,000, third $250,000 and fourth $200,000

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