Moncrieffe Promises to Take Out El Sinawi in Wray & Nephew Contender

By: J. Nelson


Devon ‘Concrete’ Moncrieffe is promising a ‘good showdown’ and victory against Waseem ‘The Surgeon’ El Sinawi in their Wray and Nephew Contender battle at Chinese Benevolent Association on Wednesday night.

“I feel good, I feel alright. This one is going to be even better because I’ve prepared for it already,” said Moncrieffe, just ahead of Tuesday’s weigh-in.

This is the second fight in the quarter-finals and action will be broadcast live on TVJ, beginning at 9:30 p.m.

Team Canada leads 1-0 after Dave Leblond’s win over Donovan ‘Police’ Campbell last week.

In the preliminary round of the Team Jamaica vs Team Canada series, Moncrieffe picked off Tyler Wilson with a fourth-round TKO win, while El Sinawi took out Ramel ‘Sub Zero’ Lewis in a dramatic second-round TKO.

Moncrieffe said he will adjust his approach for this fight.

“I made a little mistake in the first fight, in that I went in too fast so I’ll just adjust myself. For this fight now I don’t want to start out too fast,” he said.

“I can promise you’re going to get a good showdown. I can’t say how long it’s going to last.” Moncrieffe has scored six knockouts in his 13 victories. The 41-year-old has fought 22 fights as a professional, drawing once and losing eight times, four by virtue of a knockout.

The 28-year-old Sinawi has fought significantly less as a pro, winning two of his four fights by knockout, and losing one of the other two by virtue of a knockout as well.

Regardless, the Canadian is also looking to take his chances.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to fight on the Contender Series. This is my second round and I will be competing against Moncrieffe, who is a tough boxer. He‘s going to be hungry, he’s going to be coming strong, determined and I’m going to be ready for that, to showcase my skills.”

Moncrieffe believes El Sinawi’s has skill.

“He can fight, but if you don’t give him that opportunity he won’t have anything to do, so I’ll not give him that opportunity,” Moncrieffe assessed.

The Jamaican is a two-time Wray & Nephew Contender finalist, winning the crown in 2013 after getting beaten by Rikardo Smith in 2011 final.

Both believe the title is ripe for the taking.

“Hopefully (I’ll) tackle one opponent, one by one, to win the Contender series and be the champion,” said El Sinawi.

In reference to the title, Moncrieffe said: “That’s what I’m working for and I don’t have any doubts.

“I’m a fighter, I’m not a petty boxer out there, I just go into the ring and do what I have to do,” he added. “Be careful, I’m coming.”

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