Moncrieffe Ready For Contender Challenger

Devon Moncrieffe will be looking to improve on Jamaica’s 2-1 lead, when he tackles Canada’s Tyler Wilson in the Wray and Nephew Contender Series at the Chinese Benevolent Association Wednesday evening at 9:30.

This year’s competition, which pits Canada directly against Jamaica in the first eight matches, had Jamaica taking a 2-0 lead before Ramel ‘Sub Zero’ Lewis lost to Canada’s Waseem ‘The Surgeon’ El Sinawi, last week.

According to Moncrieffe, when the bout is completed, he will be restoring Jamaica’s two-fight advantage against a fighter he said he knows nothing about.

“I am looking at 3-1. I feel good, I don’t underestimate anyone. Every fighter must be careful. Some fighters go into the fight and underestimate the next man and lose,” he said.

“When you don’t know something about your opponent, you have to be very careful, you can’t take anything for granted. You have to go in little by little and if you see the opportunity, you’ve to take it.”

Moncrieffe, who won the title in 2013, has plans to go all the way again this time and believes the middleweight weight of this year’s Wray and Nephew Contender Series suits him.

“I am in good shape, better than 2013. I am going for the whole series. I am not looking just one fight, I am going for the whole four and I am going to work for it. I have dropped weight that should make it better for me,” he said.

The bout will be over five rounds and will be preceded by two amateur fights.

The winner of the Wray and Nephew Contender Series will pocket $2m with second getting $500,000, third $250,000 and fourth $200,000.


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