More Water Woes For Parts Of Capital City Because Of Pipe Breaks


Residents in large sections of the capital city are this weekend (Saturday, January 12) without water or have spotty delivery and low pressure as a result of several breaks on the National Water Commission (NWC) main lines.

Some residents have been facing lock offs since Monday, January 7.

NWC President Mark Barnett told a press conference Friday, January 11 that more than 100,000 people were experiencing disruptions in their water supplies as a result of a main break near Ferry. He said the 18-inch pipeline was well below ground and would not be repaired but would be replaced. Replacement will take up to two months, according to Barnett.

However, he said water will be diverted from other areas to supply communities affected. These include sections of the Washington Boulevard and communities off it, Molynes Road and other areas. Hilly areas of St Andrew including Smoky Vale and Kirkland Heights were also being affected but not by the main break at Ferry.

Areas of New Kingston, Lady Musgrave Road and Hope Road were also being affected this by break in a main caused by work on the Constant Spring Road.

Also it was reported Friday that a main break resulted in water disruptions in areas along Spanish Town Road, including Riverton, Seaview Gardens and Majestic Gardens and Hunts Bay through to the Central Business district in downtown Kingston. That break is being repaired Saturday, NWC said.


Franklin McKnight

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