More Water Worries In Corporate Area As Road Work Is Pushed For School Start



The NWC is reporting that on-going road works continue to pose a significant obstacle to the timely completion of pipeline replacement works to supply water to the lower sections of Half Way Tree and surroundings in St Andrew.


In a statement Thursday, August 29, the NWC said on-going road works is causing serious delays to the restoration of water supply to the Corporate Area communities that have been out of water for the past number of days.


Areas impacted include Richmond Park, Maxfield Avenue, Upper Sections of Hagley Park and All roads leading off.

The Company is noting that several sections of pipeline along the Constant Spring network have been dislocated following infrastructural work by the road contractor over the past few weeks.  In a most recent case, the supply lines to the Richmond Park, Maxfield Avenue area was impacted and the NWC has been forced to undertake emergency response to reinstall the pipelines. 


Works are taking place along Constant Spring Road in an effort to make the traffic flows smoother with the start of school next week.




Franklin McKnight

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