Most Tourism Workers Can’t Access NHT Housing, Survey Says


The Ministry of Tourism is putting up money to help with housing for workers in the hospitality industry.

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett in making the announcement outlined the sad state of home ownership and affordability among workers in the sector. He used the results of a study to provide details.

In his Sectoral Budget Presentation to the House of Representatives Tuesday (May 8) Mr Bartlett said a recent survey indicated that while 94% of the workers in Tourism contributed to the NHT, 85% did not own a home and would not be able to afford a house costing more than $2.5 million. He said “over 88 percent of the workers in the industry cannot even access NHT housing solutions.”

Mr Bartlett said housing for workers in tourism was a “key part of the concern for us in the Ministry,”

He said discussion between TEF and the HAJ also included a number of other initiatives, such as developing parcels of land identified for housing for tourism workers and providing basic infrastructure for informal settlements in which a number of tourism workers reside.

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