Motion To Remove Kim Brown Lawrence Fails


A motion by the PNP caucus in the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) failed to get off the ground at Thursday’s meeting of the Council. The motion was aimed at having JL:P Councillor Kim Brown Lawrence removed from office.

Mrs Brown-Lawrence, Councillor for Brown’s Town, has been charged with fraud in the corruption investigation in which four others including former Education Minister Ruel Reid are also facing multiple charges.

In the Council meeting in St Ann’s Bay, Councillor Winston Brown, head of the PNP Minority in the SAMC rose to say he had given more than a week’s notice of the Motion. However, Mayor of St Ann’s Bay and chairman of the SAMC, Michael Belnavis insisted that the regulation of the Council required 30 days notice. He later read from the Local Government Act and specifically Section 30 Subsection 1, which made clear that a councillor simply charged could not without more be removed. He described the proposed motion as ” inappropriate, [one of] frivolity and premature.”

The Mayor then asked CEO .of the SAMC Rovel Morris to read a letter from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local government and Community Development which also set out conditions under which a Councillor may be removed.

The Mayor said he would not accept the notice for the motion and then took the adjournment.


Franklin McKnight

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