Motorists Fear Reckless Truck Drivers At Three Miles

Motorists who frequently use Spanish Town Road are calling on the police to increase their presence near the Portia Simpson Miller Square (Three Miles) area so that they may clamp down on a number of truck drivers who they claim are driving dangerously and contributing to major traffic congestion along the usually busy thoroughfare.

“Truck drivers who are travelling on Spanish Town Road and come at the stoplight at Portia Simpson Miller Square intending to go on Marcus Garvey Drive are staying in the extreme left lane and then dangerously cutting across lanes to head right when the light changes,” said Gabrielle Watson, a motorist whose vehicle was almost damaged by a truck.

Similar sentiments were shared by Sharon Williams, a female motorist, who also said that she narrowly escaped getting her vehicle damaged by a bad-driving trucker.

“The truck drivers are impatient and instead of going into the proper left lane to wait for the light to change they are going into incorrect lanes to head on Marcus Garvey Road this is a dangerous practice that needs to stop,” said the motorists.

The motorists said they felt that if the problem was not addressed it could lead to a number of potentially deadly traffic collisions.

Kimoya Moss


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