Motorists Using New Road Linking Downtown Kingston And Six Miles


Motorists are having it easier this morning, December 3, travelling between Spanish Town Road and Marcus Garvey Drive to get to downtown Kingston.

This, following the official opening of the Chesterfield Road linking the two heavily travelled roadways in Kingston.

The Road was created after massive traffic pile ups resulted from the closure of the Three Miles hub for a major improvement work. That closure will continue for months for the road project that will transform the Three Miles area and make traffic movement much easier.

The two-lane, one and a half kilometre, roadway that cost US$1 million, was completed in about two months. It is expected to ease the congestion and the delays caused by motorists having to make diversions through several communities to use the main links, especially in the morning and afternoon peaks, between Six Miles and Downtown Kingston. Motorists also wishing to access Half Way Tree by way of East Avenue and Maxfield Avenue can also use the new roadway.

The new roadway has two traffic signals but police have been on the roadway since morning helping assure motorists of its safety and to facilitate faster movement.

Franklin McKnight

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