Municipal Corporations Promised Water Trucks Next Year


Minister of Local Government and Community Development,

Desmond McKenzie made public his promise that municipal corporations will be equipped with new water trucks during the financial year 2020/2021.

“We are going to be providing right across the country, in the new financial year coming, at least one water truck for every municipal corporation in Jamaica to assist in the distribution of water to the people who desperately need water,” he said, while addressing the recent opening of a water shop in Top Hill, St. Elizabeth.

Municipal corporations, formerly Parish Councils have repeatedly complained of not being able to truck water to drought-stricken areas because of the absence of functioning trucks. Although a budget is sometimes available for paying private truckers, the amount is often inadequate and some water truck operators refuse to take on the job because of the slow pace of payment.

Mr McKenzie said that the trucks will help alleviate water shortages across the island, particularly in parishes such as St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon and Portland.

He said that the Ministry will also provide minor water systems to communities where such shortages exist.


Franklin McKnight

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