Municipal Police Officer To Be Disciplined

Local Government and Community Development Minister Desmond McKenzie has sent out a call for the St Catherine Municipal Police officer who was caught on video using a sledgehammer to destroy the goods of a number of a vendors, is to be suspended.

At the same time, an investigation is to be launched into the matter, involving other officers of the municipality.

In a statement, Minister McKenzie classified the incident as a “disgusting and disrespectful act.”

He said he has spoken with Mayor Norman Scott, who is the Chairman of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation, and a report on the incident should be sent to his office by the end of today.

The minister also says he “cannot understand the thinking that informs the kind of action that I saw in that video, where people who are trained to ensure public order were instead using weapons of destruction to intimidate and bring down their fellow citizens. The Municipal Police are there to facilitate and enforce law and order in the Municipality, not to breach the law and undermine their authority in the process.”

He also personally offered apologies to the vendors and assured them that they will be compensated.


Shannon-Dale Reid 


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