Murder Suicide Victims Identified


The man who shot dead his estranged wife and then killed himself, on a street with heavy traffic in Kingston, Wednesday morning have been identified.

They are Patrick and Rauleen Gowans.

Both were correctional officers (warders) working at different facilities.

Reports are that about 7:30 a.m. the two were travelling in their car, with their daughter in the rear passenger seat, along Waltham Park Road when a heated argument developed. Mrs Gowans said she was getting out of the car and did.

People in traffic said Mr Gowans came out of the car gun in hand and began running after her, as their daughter screamed to her mother that Mr Gowans was coming after her with his gun.

He then caught up with her and shot her and then shot himself. He was a licensed firearm holder

Traffic was backed up as a result of the incident as the police cordoned off the area.

Correctional officers across the Government system are said to be in shock at the incident.



Franklin McKnight

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