National Tree Planting Initiative Launched


Prime Minister Andrew Holness launched his National Tree Planting Initiative and National Tree Planting Day today Friday, October 4 at Jamaica House.

The initiative aims to plant 3 million trees in 3 years that will help to mitigate climate change and reforesting Jamaica.

Prime Minister Holness says the success and longevity of the program are dependent on all Jamaicans. He calls on corporate entities to join forces to make it possible. This year’s theme “Plant yuh owna tree and some fi di res a we: Give back to yuh community!”, encouraging Jamaicans to plant more than just one tree.

Corporate entities Wysnco and Grace Kennedy have pledged to plant 2000 trees each. While the Jamaica 4H-Clubs have committed to 200,000 trees. The Safety and Security Branch of the JCF has also expressed its commitment to the initiative.

Minister of Agriculture, Audley Shaw says his ministry will be launching a National fruit tree program to plant 3 million fruit trees. Shaw says this will boost the country’s ability to keep up with the demand for Jamaican Fruits for export.

For this year’s observance of National Tree Planting Day 100 Mahogany and Lignum Vitae trees were planted on the lawns of Jamaica House.
The acknowledgment of National tree planting day began in 2003 when the Forestry Department celebrated its 65th anniversary.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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