NCDA Holds Health Fair Targeting Homeless

The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA), held its health fair at the Poor Relief department’s office in downtown Kingston, today, October 11, National Homeless Day.

Venisa Clarke-Lee, Regional Manager for the Board of Supervision says “having Homeless Day is not celebrating homelessness, it is to bring awareness to help the homeless”.

The NCDA health fair saw walk-ins from all corners of the nation’s capital. The activities included blood testing for sexual transmitted infections (STIs) from the Ministry of Health, family planning methods from the Family Planning Board and educational talks from partners such as the National Council for Senior Citizens, Lions Club of Mona, KPH, KSAMC, University of Technology, Distinction College, Poor Relief Department, and PATH.

The homeless were treated to warm meals throughout the day.

It was an eventful day, which had the street citizens engaged and happy for the services provided. One woman said “mi happy, mi happy to see dem check fi wi”.

The Health Fair is an initiative through the NCDA’s ‘Tek It To Dem’ Project.

The NCDA says it’s pleased to see the people embracing the offerings and hopes to continue to engage them more in the future.

Shannon Dale

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