NCDA Teams Up With US Embassy On COVID-19 Public Education

The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) which is charged with the responsibility to educating the general public about the dangers of drug use, and preventing the indiscriminate use of drugs, has teamed up with the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) section of the United States Embassy.

The partnership will see both agencies embarking on a public education campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of smoking and alcohol use amid the coronavirus.

According to JIS News, NCDA Executive Director, Michael Tucker, says “we now have in rotation, on radio, some public service announcements (PSAs) that look at the negative consequences of smoking and alcohol use during COVID-19.”

He also noted that they “are looking at how smoking will affect you; how alcohol use will impact your immune system and, in fact, make you more susceptible to catching COVID-19; and recovering successfully.”

Tucker explained that “If your immune system is compromised, then your chances of recovery are significantly lessened.”

He also noted that in addition to the PSAs and a presence on social media, there are other elements of the public education campaign that will be rolled out in other phases.

Tucker said,” we are hopeful that, eventually, aside from radio and social media, we will also have a few television slots, where we’ll be able to give some useful information to the general public and our most vulnerable populations.”

Both NCDA and the INL Section of the US Embassy, collaborated in 2015 on an initiative called Talk di Truth, to sensitise young people about how to operate in a decriminalised ganja environment.

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