Neglected Main Road

The North Coast Highway has had a breakaway near Port Maria, St Mary, going on four years now. The breakaway, initially seen in a sinking of the north side of the roadway led to a “temporary” diversion at Little Bay, just east of Galina Breeze hotel or West of Fire Fly. The signs in this picture are all placed in the middle of the roadway where initially there was a detour sign, to indicate the temporary road (left). Residents and motorists alike are asking when will the roadway be fixed.

These photos show the other side of the breakaway, at Little Bay, near Fire fly, looking east with a ‘Road Closed’ sign and some road material dumped at foreground. Residents say several loads of river shingle and other material have been dropped there but for nearly four years now nothing has happened by way of repairs. Meantime bush has overgrown the original highway surface and the path at right remains the surface now taken as the roadway.

Franklin McKnight

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