New Car Park Suggested For Falmouth

The Trelawny Municipal Corporation (TMC) says it wants to do something about the awful traffic problems in Falmouth.

Mayor of Falmouth C. Junior Gager told the monthly meeting of the TMC Thursday, January 10, that the Corporation must now find a place for a state of the art parking facility for the town of Falmouth. “We believe the town is too congested with the parking on the streets,” the Mayor said.

Mayor Gager then shared with the members of the Council his ideas of a likely place for a new paid public parking facility. He identified Tharpe Street as a location to remove paid street permit parking that has resulted in even less space for movement on the narrow streets of Falmouth.

Meanwhile, Inspector of Police Wayne Sutton welcomed the idea of a regulated area designated for parking. He said it would ease congestion significantly. Furthermore, he said, it would be of benefit to motorists who now suffer when their vehicles are wrecked or towed for illegal parking, He said this is because when vehicles are so towed the motorists have to go to Montego Bay as part of the process for the release of their vehicles.

The police inspector, speaking at the TMC meeting Thursday, said the building of the new Falmouth bypass, to the south-west of the town, has already helped in the reduction of congestion in the town.

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