New Corruption Allegations Surrounding FLA, False



Jamaica’s Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has condemned what it describes as “defamatory information” about the agency.


Such information has been making rounds on social media claiming that the FLA has been involved in corruption relating to gun licensing and that the information sent via an email was coming from a concerned employee of the agency.


The FLA launched an internal probe and the findings prove that it was someone trying to be mischievous. It noted, the email senders is neither a current nor former employee.


FLA also says the action of the person(s) responsible is malicious and without merit and is viewed as an offence under the Cyber Crime Act and has been reported to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


Understanding this, the agency is asking the person(s) to immediately desist from tarnishing the reputation of the entity and its staff.



Shannon-Dale Reid

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