New Life Breathed Into Community Centres Across North West St. Ann





Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann Dayton Campbell recently shared the fruits of his latest project on Facebook, to the pleasure of many residents in his constituency.

According to the MP, several community centres across NW St. Ann have benefitted from a repainting and rehabilitation project.

“Last year I did Discovery Bay Community Centre. This year, I have done Muirhouse, Lily field community centres and Runaway Community Centre will soon be completed. The work continues,” he wrote on Friday, October 12.

It was an added touch of class as Campbell further shared that all centres were repainted in non-political colors.

By most accounts, the motivational doctor-turned-MP could be well on his way to a second -successive term as MP in the colors of the PNP – a feat also achieved by Burchell Whiteman and Elon Wilson. It will be an interesting fight by the contender from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Education, Youth and Information Minister Ruel Reid, as NW St. Ann has long been a stronghold of the PNP – 10 of the last 16 general elections have ended horribly for the JLP.

Only three Labourites have been ‘lucky’ enough to have been elected as MP for NW St. Ann: Princess Lawes in 1980, Verna Parchment in 2002 and Othneil Lawrence last in 2007.

“Well done. Community spaces are important to building communities,” commented fellow MP from South West St. Andrew, Angela Brown Burke.

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