New Shadow Cabinet Named; No Campbell Or Brown-Burke


From Left: Peter Bunting and Fitz Jackson having a cheerful talk with Dr. Peter Philips at the PNP healing Church service in September


Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips, on Thursday, October 3 announced his new Shadow Cabinet comprising of nineteen portfolios.

Mark Golding and Senator Lambert Brown are responsible for Finance and Public Service. Senator Donna Scott Mottley is responsible for the Justice Portfolio and Fitz Jackson the National Security portfolio. Peter Bunting has been moved to Education and Training along with Michael Stewart.

Phillips has named Natalie Neita spokesperson on Local Government and Senator Damion Crawford given oversight of Social Transformation, Community Development, and Culture.  Veteran MP Dr Morais Guy will now speak on Health and Wellness.

Two glaring exclusions from the new line up include Dr Dayton Campbell, who was spokesman on Health in the previous Shadow Cabinet. The other notable person excluded is Kingston’s former Mayor – now Member of Parliament in one of the most powerful PNP constituencies (St. Andrew South West), Dr Angela Brown Burke.


According to talks in some quarters of the PNP, it is not surprising that Dr Phillips did not name Brown-Burke and Campbell in his shadow cabinet as the two had been integral in Peter Bunting’s Rise United campaign, which just recently challenged Dr Phillips’ presidency.

Brown-Burke has not commented on her exclusion, however, Dr Campbell has said “he knew this would have been a possibility, going into the election”.

Other members of the shadow cabinet are Lisa Hanna, Dr Andre Haughton, Anthony Hylton, Wykeham McNeill, Mikael Phillips, Fenton Ferguson, Horace Dalley, Floyd Morris, Phillip Paulwell, Julian Robinson, Senator Sophia Fraser Binns, Victor Wright, and Dwayne Vaz.



Shannon-Dale Reid

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