Newborn Baby Snatched From Victoria Jubilee Hospital



Detectives from the Denham Town Police station in West Kingston are on a race against time to recover a newborn baby reportedly stolen from a ward on the Victoria Jubilee Hosiptal on Wednesday, January 9.

According to information Jamaica Today has received, the mother of the child gave birth around 6pm, Tuesday evening to a healthy baby and was recovering from labour at the ward for the evening.


Hours later, at around 4:30am the next morning, the mother realised she was still bleeding and left the baby to go freshen up in the bathroom, when on her arrival, the baby was unable to be located.

 A frantic alarm was made at the hospital, however security at the facility were also unable to locate the child, at which point the police were summoned.


The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) has confirmed the incident, with a spokesperson telling Jamaica Today that the Denham Town Criminal Investigative Branch (CIB) assuming the role of probing the Victoria Jubilee Hospital and the adjoining Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

This is the second such child-abduction story covered by Jamaica Today in a week, as a three-week-old baby was stolen in the car park of the Cornwall Regional Hospital last Friday.


The child was found two days later and the alleged abductor and her boyfriend arrested.                        

More information to come later.


By: Gavin Riley

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