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PNP Money Battle


The One PNP Campaign of Dr Peter Phillips has come out strongly against the Rise United Campaign of Peter Bunting, accusing it of using money to influence or even try to buy the support of delegates. The One PNP Campaign Wednesday, September 4, followed up its questioning by KD Knight of the purpose, control and likely use of a $10-million Endowment Fund the Rise United Campaign said it had set up. The Rise Campaign Chairman, Mark Golding, said they had set up the Fund to assist long time workers of the PNP who had fallen on hard time. At a press conference called by the Dr Phillips One PNP team, Wednesday, several accusations were made against the Rise United team about the use of money and the purpose of the Endowment Fund. Dr Phillips speaking at the press conference said “money has never been a central feature of the appeal of the PNP,” and condemned Rise United for that ‘characteristic of its campaign.’ For her part Lisa Hanna, treasurer of the One PNP team said she had evidence, from her South East St Ann Constituency of a leading member of the Rise United Team “offering and issuing and giving out envelopes with $10,000.”



Laurie Broderick Is Dead

Former Member of Parliament for Clarendon Northern, attorney-at-law Lawrence ‘Laurie’ Broderick is dead.

Mr Broderick who won the election in 2007 to represent the JLP in the Clarendon Northern constituency died Wednesday, September 4. His death came three days after that of former JLP Deputy Prime, and former MP and Cabinet Minister Dr. Kenneth Baugh.


In a tribute to Mr Broderick, Prime Minister and JLP Leader Andrew Holness said Mr Broderick made good contributions to Parliament and the country as Member of Parliament and to the wider political leadership in the country.



Back at CMU


Principal of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) Professor
Fritz Pinnock is expected back at the institution this week following an extended leave of absence. Professor Pinnock asked to go on leave at the start of July to facilitate ongoing investigations into the CMU. The CMU head extended the initial six-week leave by four weeks to further facilitate the probe. For much of May to June, there was fierce debate and controversy over the involvement of the CMU or its personnel in the use of funds that appear to be connected to sacked former Education Minister Ruel Reid. On Wednesday at a post Cabinet press briefing, Minister responsible for Information Karl Samuda said Professor Pinnock was coming back to the university. He expressed confidence in the Board at the institution.



NCB Advantage


The way has been cleared for the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Group to sell Advantage Insurance. The Financial Services Commission said it did not have any objections to the sale. NCB is expected to get nearly $7 Billion from the sale of the general insurance company. Sagicor Investment is expected to take up about 65 percent of the shares.




Bahamas Recovery


Search and rescue were continuing across the North and North Western sections of the Bahamas this afternoon, as volunteers and officials of disaster agencies and the Government got on the road. The nature of the devastation became apparent in some sections of the country hit hard by Dorian Monday and Tuesday. However, the Prime Minister and other officials as well as tourism interests continued to make it known that New Providence that also includes Nassau had not been seriously affected by the hurricane. Several countries have indicated their interest in helping.


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