NIA Calls Harrison’s Resignation ‘Regrettable’



The National Integrity Action has described as regrettable the retirement of Acting Director of Corruption Prosecutions, Dirk Harrison.


Harrison, a former Contractor General, was part of the newly established Integrity Commission (IC) into which his former office and two other agencies have been pulled together.


However, Mr Harrison and the commissioners of the IC have had differences and he has also reportedly been said to be concerned about his tenure.

He has resigned effective September 1.

In a statement, the NIA, the watchdog agency led by Professor Trevor Munroe, said Mr Harrison has a distinguished record both as a prosecutor and as Contractor General.


His Investigation Reports spanning two Administrations were characterized by Independence, impartiality and courage, qualities urgently required by the Integrity Commission. Instead, the NIA said “Mr Harrison’s troubled relationship with the Commissioners obviously precipitated his retirement and the failure to provide him with instruments of office presumably contributed to the fact that in 2018/19, at a time when organized crime and corruption continue to be the number one1 threat to the Jamaican people, ‘ no prosecutions or criminal proceedings were initiated…'”


The NIA said there needs to be “a fresh start if the Integrity Commission has become the effective anti-corruption tool needed by Jamaica and if it is to build the trust and confidence of the Jamaican people as well as that of our international partners.”



Franklin McKnight

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