Normal Work Begins June 1


The work-from-home orders from the government will end May 31, as was announced last week by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Today, May 26, he noted that the Jamaican government has been careful not to shut down the economy and, therefore, to say that the government is moving too fast in reopening the economy holds no water. He noted that restrictions were put in place to reduce the spread of the virus but never to shut down the economy.

The decision to end the ‘work from home orders’ came from observing the behaviour of the citizens, and the increase and recovery of cases of the virus.

PM Holness says, if he was to grade the behaviour of Jamaicans relating to the order, he would give them 70 per cent, and this is because the main problem he sees with people is with observing the ‘distance of 6 feet.”

He then urged all to do their best to obey and observe the orders set out.

Nonetheless, the opening of the full economy is needed for, as Jamaicans, “we don’t want to survive the epidemic BUT die in a recession, as we need to be able to manage effectively.”

The PM also noted that protocols for those heading back to work on June 1 will be released soon and will take into account both the employees and employers.

As for some, working remotely would still be of benefit, and so, he urges employers to allow for such and support the ‘Work safe and Work smart’ initiative.

More details to come


Shannon-Dale Reid


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