NSWMA To Clamp Down On Littering

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has stepped up its campaign to clamp down on persons breaching the National Solid Waste Act.

Phillip Morgan, senior investigating officer, said the drive seeks to clamp down on individuals littering, urinating or committing other unsanitary acts in public spaces.

“We are hearing about too many of these cases, persons littering among other things in public spaces and this is part of efforts to clamp down on those individuals who seek to conduct themselves in a manner that creates problems and promote unhealthy practices in public spaces, he said.

Jamaica had moved to strengthen its anti-litter laws in 2016 but weak enforcement has seen littering in the public space run amok in recent years, with waste being dumped on the streets and gullies.

Back in 2016, Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie said he would be making a submission to Cabinet to increase the penalties for the improper disposal of garbage. He said the relevant legislation to be impacted include the the National Solid Waste Management Act.

“We are looking now to take to Cabinet new proposals for increase in the litter fines. We are hoping that will help, but again there has to be some level of civic responsibility that the wider Jamaica is prepared to bring to the table if we are to minimize the effects of flooding across the country,” he said.

Kimoya Moss



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