Nwc Says Corporate Area Storage Levels Rise But Still Low


The National Water Commission (NWC) is advising that while storage levels at its two large raw water storage reservoirs have been rising as a result of recent rainfall episodes, the levels are still below normal. 

Since Monday September 16, storage levels have moved from 37.3% to 40.9% at the Mona Reservoir and 40.8% to 48.0% at the Hermitage Dam – an increase of just under 30 million gallons in each case.


In view of continued public discussions regarding the water storage levels published daily by the National Water Commission, the company wishes to remind the public that there are several factors affecting the storage levels and it should not be expected that short periods of rainfall over a few days will immediately erase all the negative effects of about one year of below normal rainfall and inflows.



The NWC says while it appreciates all the recent rainfall, it is asking that persons consider that there are various factors affecting storage levels and that although rising, those levels are still considered critically low – at below 50% in both cases.


Franklin McKnight

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