ODPEM Understands Anxieties Over Recent Earthquakes

The office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management is seeking to assure Jamaicans that recent earthquake events in Jamaica and the region are not an indication of the occurrence of earthquakes on a global scale.


ODPEM says that while it understands there may be anxieties among the populace, it is important for people to be prepared to take action should an earthquake occur.


“As we become concerned, we cannot allow ourselves to become paralyzed into inaction. We must be proactive,” the ODPEM said in a statement issued today, Monday, October 22.


The latest earthquake was felt Sunday afternoon in Kingston and St Andrew and part of St Thomas and Portland. The earthquake unit said it was a 3.2 magnitude quake.


ODPEM said: “We ask that you put preparedness measures in place to manage Earthquakes. These include the identification and securing of items in your facility which, in an earthquake, could fall or topple and result in blockage of exit paths or cause injury. Plan and rehearse your response to Earthquakes. Have a Disaster Plan for your family, business or institution.”


It reminded of the importance of the teaching of DROP, COVER and HOLD (DCH) which “remains the desired response, when indoors.” It said people must respond if a quake occurs.

See detailed statement from the Director General of ODPEM.

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