One Billion Used To Upgrade The Army With Armored Vehicles



The Jamaican government has acquired six Thales Bushmaster Protected Vehicles for its military.


The vehicles include three troops carriers and three ambulance versions, which now brings the Army’s fleet to 18.


According to a statement from Thales Group on Monday, June 15, the purchase was made on behalf of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) and continues the country’s five-year relationship with the Australian-made manufacturer.


These new vehicles contain special features such as full integrated Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) that provide power and supplementary air conditioning when the engine is off. This allows static vehicles to maintain a comfortable temperature in the hot Jamaican climate.


While the ambulance versions will give soldiers the ability to evacuate and treat injured police officers under the protection of the Bushmaster rather than having to deploy vulnerable unarmored vehicles into dangerous situations.


Reportedly, the purchase made at €7 million and when converted into local currency, it is an estimated $1.98 billion.


The aim of this is to significantly booster and strengthen the JDF’s ability to adequately assist in combating crime while simultaneously keeping its soldiers protected.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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