One Taxi Man Dead & Another Behind Bars

An alleged road rage ended deadly for one taxi driver in Papine, St Andrew on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, and has left another taxi man charged by the police.

The taxi driver dead is 53-year-old Delroy George Sinclair. He was driving his car from Gordon Town to Papine in St Andrew when the suspect accused him of reckless driving.

Sinclair reportedly drove to Market Road in Papine however, he was trailed by the suspect, who was known to him. The two argued and tussled, which then resulted in three men who emerged from the suspect’s car and proceeded to bitterly beat Sinclair.

The bleeding Sinclair was then rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where he died while undergoing treatment.

He is of Maryland District in St Andrew.

The only information released about the suspect is that he is 24-year-old and also a taxi operator.

He is now in police custody at the Half-Way-Tree police station.


Shannon-Dale Reid 

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