Onwards To Africa, Latin America! Seprod Boss Has Big Plans After Historic Awards Sweep

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of the Seprod Group Richard Pandohie says the company’s sweep of all major categories of the inaugural Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association’s (JMEA) awards gala serves as vindication of its commitment to nation building.

Speaking with the media after winning the Prime Minister’s Award for Large Champion Exporter, as well as the Governor General Awards for Exporter and Manufacturer of the Year 2017, Pandohie said, “Tonight was amazing, we cleaned up three major awards, this is just vindication and validation of a lot of hard work.”

Pandohie stated emphatically that the sweetness of the sweep wasn’t his to revel in alone, as the efforts of over 1,500 Seprod employees contributed to the group’s success on Saturday, October 6 at the Jamaica Pegasus.

He told Jamaica Today that Seprod was not expecting to win, but hoped that the company would defend the Large Champion Exporter category, won last year, however copping Manufacturer and Exporter of the Year to boot is a historic achievement for Seprod.

“This has been four years in the making; over US$100 million investment retooling and other acquisitions,” Pandohie said, adding that, “We’re doing a lot of the right things, but we’re not there yet and this is just encouragement to continue the progress.”

Pandohie told Jamaica Today that Seprod has some big plans for expansion into several Latin American and African markets, some of which he notes, share very similar tastes to Jamaica.

“Apart from the diaspora markets, we are now in Nigeria, Mauritius, Belgium, the Dominican Republic and Haiti and we have been growing astronomically,” he said.

Pandohie further beamed that Seprod is a key contributor to Jamaica’s aggressive economic growth agenda, as he has big plans for more global market penetration going into 2019-2020.

“Going into 2019, we’re looking seriously into the Latin American market, with Panama as the beachhead for that – Africa too; we started with Nigeria, because there are a lot of similar tastes between the Africans and ours. Brand Jamaica is so appealing and we’re trying to ride that wave,” he told Jamaica Today.

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